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The TEXAS TOSS'EM® game is a perfectly blended combination of Texas hold’em style poker with the fun of throwing darts.  The objective of the game is to make your best five-card poker hand with the cards you were dealt (face down) and the cards you hit on the dartboard.  Players can bet and bluff their way to the poker pot or master their precision dart throwing skills to win the game.


How To Play?

Each player is given an equal amount of poker chips and three darts of the same colour.  Each Player is dealt three cards face down and must keep them hidden from other players.  The cards on the dartboard are “community cards” that all players may hit with a dart.  Similar to Texas hold’em,  players will bet in a series of rounds after each player has thrown a dart.  Players may call, raise or fold before it’s their turn to throw a dart.  The goal is to win the poker pot at the end of each game by bluffing or having the highest five card poker hand. 


Why is it Better?

Traditional poker dartboards feature all 52 playing cards on the board and assign points to poker hands.  With too many targets and knowing the hands of other players, scoring is cumbersome to add and kills the fun of betting.  Our game features half a deck of cards on the board and the other half are hidden so players can bet every round based on their strategic poker abilities or their dart throwing skills.  Playing cards on the board are traditional size and perfectly positioned to make more valuable cards challenging to hit.  Betting in the same fashion as Texas Hold’em makes the game of TEXAS TOSS'EM® a simple and fun way to play two great classic games.  Our game is high quality UV printed and backed on high density cork, unlike traditional poker dartboards that use low quality cork and basic drawings or printing.  The TEXAS TOSS'EM® game is excellent for all skill levels and would make a great addition to your cottage or man cave.

_DSC0081 poker logo.png



This unique diamond shape layout brings you an experience of poker darts like you've never played before. The playing cards on the board are traditional card size and perfectly positioned that features half a deck of cards on the board. 

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